Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Purple Lilacs

Purple lilacs blossom in June;
my love is pure and never soon.
Or late for that matter and this,
it bubbles forth into a fine mist.
I love you now as I loved you then,
soul-spiring musings coming from my pen.
Complex blessings and creations mix;
many thanks go to Abraham-Hicks.

Free-flowing thanks from here to there;
My peace with Mother Earth is care.
Due diligence comes to those who wait;
I send peace offerings to areas like Kuwait.
Everyone's version of happy not same;
could it be possible we come from the same
Source of energy, ALL-THAT-IS?
We continue our role of creationism.
The rythm of you is easy to feel;
we are one, our love protects us unconditionally.


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